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And now: Montessori!

In And now Montessori! you can read the words of Maria Montessori, in combination with the latest scientific insights. Written in an accessible style.

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The Montessori Studies

The Montessori Introduction Studies in Amsterdam

You want to invest in the quality of your teacher skills and you are interested in becoming a Montessori teacher. After the MISt  you have knowledge about the Montessori anthropology, the pedagogy and the didactics of several materials from 0 – 12 years. You can relate the Montessori vision with the latest scientific research and you have tools to practice it in your group. A strong relation between theory and practice is characteristic for the study.

The MISt is an intensive 5 days program in Amsterdam. For more information about the dates and the program: just send an e-mail to: info@ave-ik.nl



The Montessori Management Studies by blended learning

You are a director of a Montessori school and you feel the need to deepen your vision on Montessori-education. You want to combine work, knowledge and inspiration.

Designed for educators, the MMS-LD is a carefully structured learning path that has been created by AVE.IK as an online alternative to our face-to-face studies.

The Montessori Management Studies is an intensive theoretical study that you can join from wherever you live. It takes about 4 -6 month. You will be guided by a coach. For more information just send an e-mail to info@ave-ik.nl.

The Montessori Teacher Studies at your location

You are working in a school and you want to join a progressive Montessori training. You want to learn all about the Montessori method, but you want to be free in your choice of the modules you need to follow. You prefer a study with time for dialogue and conversation as well as private study time. You want to use the digital world; you want to be a modern Montessori teacher !!!!!!!

The Montessori Teacher Studies is a combination of training at your own location and blended learning. The basic part takes 3 weeks intensive training divided over the year at your own location. Between the training sessions you receive assignments, and you will be guided by a coach.



The Information

Fees, dates and possibilities: just send an e-mail: info@ave-ik.nl


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